Berthold AnfangerBerthold Anfanger
A graduate in Applied Metaphysics from the University of North-East Westphalia, Anfanger is recognised as the founding father of Mundanischekunst. His first encounter with Førmål de Hüydt at the Freiburg Schwarzwaldekirschesahnetorte SommerSchule was the beginning of a fruitful but sometimes tempestuous collaboration. His pastimes include Random Macrame; he has a large collection of "Watch With Mother" memorabilia; and he is an ardent exponent of the work of the Renaissance composer Clemens non Papa. He now lives in London , where he finds the rhubarb more congenial and the sofas more inviting.
Førmål de HüydtFørmål de Hüydt
Herr Anfanger's principal assistant:
Small, agile, nocturnal, hyperactive, strong-smelling, timid, transparent, mysterious and a synaesthete. Førmål has ambidextrous feet, is black&white blind and is an expert on Minoan culture and cooking with skin. He is a vociferous campaigner against all forms and styles of singing.