Associates and Hangers-On

Sara Dell'OnzeSara Dell'Onze
Conceptual artist, fine artist and designer. Publicity and Arts Advisor to Mundanischekunst. Sara is the inventor of "Volleyball Art."
Simon SherwoodSimon Sherwood
URGENT: If anyone has any information as to the whereabouts of Simon Sherwood, please contact us immediately.
Dr. Erb ReuheDr. Erb Reuhe
Archivist, photographer, composer, set designer and costumes manager.
Childe AfrikaChilde Afrika
Photographer, dancer, psychic healer, and art installations reseller. Bodyguard and personal assistant to Førmål de Hüydt.
Louis Van BrewLouis Van Brew
Berthold and Førmål would like to express their delight in welcoming Louis Van Brugh, to the Mundanischekunst Collective. Louis will bring poetry and composition to Mundanischekunst and is Musical Director of "Ensemble Mundane." Louis is currently in hiding.
Førsten FirmøstFørsten Firmøst
Onsite installations manager, bodyguard to Herr Anfanger, photographer, dealer and narcoleptic.
Elgar Szdchwnu