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King Berthold of Lesbos


Having been out of the news for quite a while,  Berthold Anfanger, the spiritual leader of Mundanischekunst, has suddenly leaped back into the public eye with an exciting new work which he calls: “I am King of the Lesbians”.

It has been suggested that his as yet unchallenged claim to this particular throne will also make him the de facto Primate of the International Unorthodox Lesbyterian Church.

Several years ago news networks picked up the story that Berthold had purchased a small group of Greek islands on behalf of Mundanischekunst, the largest of which was Lesbos. Nobody had any ideas about exactly why he might have done this and many, including myself, feared that Berthold had finally taken leave of his senses. After a while the story quietened down, but then last year another flurry of media attention erupted as Berthold renamed our new islands, “The Mundives”.

There are now reports that a large new sign has been erected at Mytilini harbor, Lesvos, with the following message:


This is to inform you that

I am now your King.

By royal decree of Berthold, King of All Lesbians.



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