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I couldn't manage my lunch today. The helpings at "SushiMundo!" are really big and proved quite beyond me. Look at the picture below and you’ll see what a large helping I was given. As I was a bit short of cash I thought I’d take out what I couldn’t eat and try Berthold’s old trick of selling it at the nearest art gallery.

After a few enquiries I found exactly what I was looking for - “arteBA Contemporary Art Fair - Buenos Aires”. I took a cab over there, with my new work twitching on a tray, and soon found myself explaining to a very enthusiastic group of wealthy Latin American art dealers all about Mundanischekunst. They were fascinated! I spoke at length about our Movement, its meaning in today’s artless society and about its great spiritual leader, Berthold Anfanger. One of them had a laptop, by means of which I was able to show them around this website. How they laughed and danced and clapped! 

I had known – I had felt it – that Argentina was going to be the perfect place for spreading the word of Mundanischekunst! It seemed as though these arts-starved people had been hungry for such a discovery for many years.

After some careful negotiation, the remains of my lunch, entitled: “The Remains Of Førmål de Hüydt's Lunch", was bought by a quiet man in a fedora, high heels and chaps for the pretty sum of 18000 US Dollars. I think even Berthold may be impressed!

By the way, Berthold, if you are reading this… Where are you?  My new friends in Buenos Aires would very much like to meet you and set up some kind of huge International Latin American Festival for the Mundane Arts, or something. Please get in touch. This could be huge! 


Photo by Førmål de Hüydt

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