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Chilean Police Funbus!

A few days ago I flew across to Santiago to spend a few days in the capital city of Chile. I wanted to check out the place with a view to seeing how receptive the Chileans might be to the concept of Mundanischekunst.

To be honest, there really wasn't much doing there. The most promising thing I could find was a this “FunBus”, parked in the crowded centre of the city.

The idea, as explained to me by Carabineros Chief, Colonel Osvaldino Jaraz, is to make the city’s security forces seem more friendly and approachable. Inside,  it’s rather cleverly designed, with a little play area for toddlers, a compact but perfectly usable disco floor for teenagers, a tiny bar serving coffee and light snacks, and a “videoteca” showing footage of various uniformed men with guns and batons being very kind and polite to ordinary members of the public. Amazingly, there’s even enough space inside for a tiny interrogation chamber.

The intention of the FunBus, Colonel Jaraz explained to me, is that it should provide a warm welcome for people of all ages and help change the public’s perception of the Carabineros, to make them appear less intimidating.

“The exterior of has been left intentionally plain”, he explained, “so that people won’t think my men are all homosexuals, like the police in Europe”.  


Photo by Førmål de Hüydt

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great post...that's a very fun bus indeed...

Chilean policemen are very masculine too...not like their european conuiterparts...

Posted by: Tomás | Sep 22, 2008 10:20:22 AM