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Breakfast at the Hotel Faecys

Here is my first Mundanische Kunstfruhstuck in the Hotel Faecys. I soon gave up with the chopsticks and I must confess I didn’t manage to eat it all despite being very fond of sushi.

One has to suffer to make great art. I was soon discharged from the hospital – after several wicked bones were removed from my esophagus.

My ribs and belly are still bruised from all the Heimlich maneuvers practised upon my person by the enthusiastic hotel staff, several Mundanischekunst administrators and the heroic ambulance crew.

(Also, I’m slightly worried that one of my kidneys maybe missing... I guess it probably had to be removed due to a fishbone getting stuck …but I’ll call the hospital just to make sure…) 



Photo by Førmål de Hüydt

posted by Førmål de Hüydt on September 20, 2008 | Permalink