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New List

It is often beneficial occasionally to review one's output. Looking back on the heady days of 2004, I came across a short series of "Pointless Lists", pithy but loaded with meaning. This little window on Mundanischekunst history has inspired me to create another, this time a collection of thirteen, a favourite number of mine:-

1) gnomic
2) wheedle
3) excavator
4) Alberich
5) spanner
6) M40
7) insulin
8) congeries
10) RiesenWurm
11) crisis
12) sod
13) chihuahua

Expect very soon a beautiful new portrait of Johannes Brahms inspired by a performance of his "Tragic Roundabout Overture", and lovingly photographed by the wonderful Nora Bolt.

posted by Berthold Anfanger on June 12, 2008 | Permalink


It's exhilarating to see such effortless genius.

Posted by: R. Mitage | Jun 13, 2008 11:40:17 AM