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This exhibit of mine is from Glasgow's recent Festival Of Light.

Mundy is no ordinary dog. He has undergone extensive training in a wide variety of performance art techniques such as: "Fetching a stick",  "Scampering in the dark wearing an illuminated collar" and "Simulating a vicious attack on a stranger while foaming at the mouth".

Our thanks go to "Mundy", the MundanischeHund for his enormous contribution to our cause. He will be sadly missed. Glasgow City Council are keeping him muzzled and sedated in their dog pound until our team of lawyers can persuade them that Mundy was just pretending/performing.

Please keep sending money to us for this extremely expensive but worthwhile cause - and also letters of complaint to the so-called Glasgow City Council Office Of Animal Welfare Services.


Photo by Førmål de Hüydt

posted by Førmål de Hüydt on November 30, 2007 | Permalink