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Berthold Anfanger's "Three Portals"


Here are Berthold Anfanger''s mysterious "Three Portals", which are part of the Mundanischekunst Winter Festival 2007, held this year in Greenwich Park, London.

At first the only creatures to pass through the new portals were the rats or insects thrown by Mundanischekunst Research Technicians. Later on, as they became more confident, it was pigs, monkeys, robots... and then, after a hero had been sought and found: Simon Sherwood of Cove made history by being the first human being to pass through.

As is well known, Sir Simon Sherwood (Knighted in his absence) has not been seen since and neither have any of the few hundred persons who have followed him (apart from Berthold Anfanger,who was gone for only a couple of hours and later emerged, almost blind, from a nearby skip).

It is not known where any of the "Three Portals" lead to but Berthold Anfanger claims that it is either to a different time, a different dimension, a different world, or a mixture of all of those. Berthold Anfanger does feel sure, however, that his "Three Portals" will take anyone to, as he puts it, "a better place, where there's no disease, no tax, and plenty of free booze and sex".

Some of the people shown in this video are waiting in the hope that their loved ones might someday return. Others are lucky ticket-holders, waiting for right moment to jump through - or perhaps summoning up the courage to make their crossing. The rest are journalists, ticket touts and fans of Berthold Anfanger.

Tickets to pass through one of Berthold Anfanger's "Three Portals" are available from www.bertholdanfangerplc.com at £250 each.
(Discounts are available for school groups)






Here is Jane Smith of Reading, Berkshire, just seconds before she passed through one of the "Three Portals". Before she left, she said goodbye to her husband and four children, handed over her ticket and dabbed a tear from her eye.

She has not been seen since.


Video and photo by Førmål de Hüydt

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