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A trip to Hartmut Stuhlhandler's

[posted by Berthold Anfanger] 

I took a trip to visit my old colleague Hartmut Stuhlhandler who now lives a reclusive life in Northumberland.

His only contact with village life is to participate in the Weird Vegetable Sculpture Biennale. I never miss this one and this year's exhibition ranks among the finest ever.

Here is Hartmut's prize-winning "Untitleable". A staggering masterpiece if ever I saw one:


Photo by Berthold Anfanger

Fortunately I was able also to attend a concert in the lovely Gothic multi-storey car park which featured the premiere of a set of madrigals by Hartmut describing the erotic adventures of Noddy: and the song-cycle "In Praise of Winceyette". A profoundly moving evening, rounded off with several pints of the local "Father Eusebius' Ichor" in the Scab and Appoggiatura.




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I note the First Prize was awarded to that wonderful actress and swimmer, Miss Esther Williams. I thought she was dead.

Posted by: Anin Llewop Revaew | Oct 31, 2007 8:32:21 PM