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Amateur Mundanischekunst


Here at the busy Mundanischekunst UK Office we often get sent work from members of the public who would like to think that they can be famous Mundane Artists like myself, Chaleco or Berthold. To be fair, sometimes such submissions can be surprisingly good, as is the case in the work showcased below.

Our analysts have studied it with great care and believe that it is most likely some kind of calzone pizza, although it is unusual for such a dish to be drenched in blackberry jam or stained with beetroot juice.

The significance of the hand is not clear, although it seems to be that of a woman. Could this work be a self-portrait of some kind?

Anyway, our sincere thanks go to Dulciana Reeves for sharing her modest but laudable efforts with us.

Good luck and happy Mundanischekunsting, Dulciana!


Photography by Dulciana Reeves

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