Mundanischekunst thriving in Istanbul


Towards the end of my trip to Istanbul I was beginning to give up hope of finding any Mundanischekunst when I stumbled upon this at a small fish gallery near Vakiflar Genel Mud.

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King Berthold of Lesbos


Having been out of the news for quite a while,  Berthold Anfanger, the spiritual leader of Mundanischekunst, has suddenly leaped back into the public eye with an exciting new work which he calls: “I am King of the Lesbians”.

It has been suggested that his as yet unchallenged claim to this particular throne will also make him the de facto Primate of the International Unorthodox Lesbyterian Church.

Several years ago news networks picked up the story that Berthold had purchased a small group of Greek islands on behalf of Mundanischekunst, the largest of which was Lesbos. Nobody had any ideas about exactly why he might have done this and many, including myself, feared that Berthold had finally taken leave of his senses. After a while the story quietened down, but then last year another flurry of media attention erupted as Berthold renamed our new islands, “The Mundives”.

There are now reports that a large new sign has been erected at Mytilini harbor, Lesvos, with the following message:


This is to inform you that

I am now your King.

By royal decree of Berthold, King of All Lesbians.



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Ensemble Mundane goes underground.

Three musicians from the Extreme Violin Section of Ensemble Mundane pause for this snapshot during a break from their 2008 Autumn Tour of the London Underground. 

They are playing a new work by the composer, Brian Beano, entitled, “Discrete Music For Crowded Tube Trains”.

The piece is in one movement lasting just under two hours. Mostly it is an extremely quiet, almost meditative work which calls for a high level of concentration on the part of the players. Due to the impossibility of using music stands on crowded tube trains it must be performed from memory. The trio, L to R, is  Ludwig Van Eggleton, Pwczi de Szlekzya and  Derrick Sixtyeightpointfour. They needed six months to learn the work from memory. So far they have given eighty four complete consecutive performances, mostly on the Circle Line but with others on the Jubilee, Northern and Bakerloo lines. 

Brian Beano said of the work: “I wanted to show how kind of hard it is to like hear, you know, really quiet acoustic instruments on a noisy tube train - so I had them playing, like, totally quietly, and everything, and that meant that you’d only really, like, actually hear the music at the stops but then there’d be, like, tons of people pushing past the players because they’d be totally in the way and everything. I really wanted it to be a kind of, you know, like, a kind of “obstructive art” sort of whatever, thing. Also, it’s the first majorly seminal work that’s ever been, like, impossible to hear all the way through, apart from the CD, and I deliberately made that impossibility a totally original feature of it, as such, like, er, a sort of tension thing to go with the anger of the normal tube travellers stuff and everything”.


Photo by Førmål de Hüydt

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Portrait of the composer, Bruce Nockles


Photo by Førmål de Hüydt

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Nocturnal car melters at work in Buenos Aires

During the night in Buenos Aires, gangs of highly paid men stalk the streets in orange overalls and yellow hats.

Their job is to find and incinerate any illegally parked cars. Parking is illegal at night.

Photographing these men is forbidden so I had to be very careful – I took this shot from the window of a restaurant with a tablecloth over my head and some hummous smeared on the front of my camera.

All that’s left of this particular car is the gearbox. Shortly after this moment it melted into the road surface and was gone.

Such treatment may seem a little harsh to our European sensibilities but at least in B.A. they only do it to unoccupied cars – unlike their counterparts in Uruguay.


Photo by Førmål de Hüydt

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I couldn't manage my lunch today. The helpings at "SushiMundo!" are really big and proved quite beyond me. Look at the picture below and you’ll see what a large helping I was given. As I was a bit short of cash I thought I’d take out what I couldn’t eat and try Berthold’s old trick of selling it at the nearest art gallery.

After a few enquiries I found exactly what I was looking for - “arteBA Contemporary Art Fair - Buenos Aires”. I took a cab over there, with my new work twitching on a tray, and soon found myself explaining to a very enthusiastic group of wealthy Latin American art dealers all about Mundanischekunst. They were fascinated! I spoke at length about our Movement, its meaning in today’s artless society and about its great spiritual leader, Berthold Anfanger. One of them had a laptop, by means of which I was able to show them around this website. How they laughed and danced and clapped! 

I had known – I had felt it – that Argentina was going to be the perfect place for spreading the word of Mundanischekunst! It seemed as though these arts-starved people had been hungry for such a discovery for many years.

After some careful negotiation, the remains of my lunch, entitled: “The Remains Of Førmål de Hüydt's Lunch", was bought by a quiet man in a fedora, high heels and chaps for the pretty sum of 18000 US Dollars. I think even Berthold may be impressed!

By the way, Berthold, if you are reading this… Where are you?  My new friends in Buenos Aires would very much like to meet you and set up some kind of huge International Latin American Festival for the Mundane Arts, or something. Please get in touch. This could be huge! 


Photo by Førmål de Hüydt

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Chilean Police Funbus!

A few days ago I flew across to Santiago to spend a few days in the capital city of Chile. I wanted to check out the place with a view to seeing how receptive the Chileans might be to the concept of Mundanischekunst.

To be honest, there really wasn't much doing there. The most promising thing I could find was a this “FunBus”, parked in the crowded centre of the city.

The idea, as explained to me by Carabineros Chief, Colonel Osvaldino Jaraz, is to make the city’s security forces seem more friendly and approachable. Inside,  it’s rather cleverly designed, with a little play area for toddlers, a compact but perfectly usable disco floor for teenagers, a tiny bar serving coffee and light snacks, and a “videoteca” showing footage of various uniformed men with guns and batons being very kind and polite to ordinary members of the public. Amazingly, there’s even enough space inside for a tiny interrogation chamber.

The intention of the FunBus, Colonel Jaraz explained to me, is that it should provide a warm welcome for people of all ages and help change the public’s perception of the Carabineros, to make them appear less intimidating.

“The exterior of has been left intentionally plain”, he explained, “so that people won’t think my men are all homosexuals, like the police in Europe”.  


Photo by Førmål de Hüydt

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Mundanische Meat Kunst

This is Førsten Firmøst, a relatively unknown member of the Mundanischekunst collective, struggling in the workshop with what’s left of “Rex”, his pet stegosaurus.

Førsten had hoped to turn Rex into some kind of food art but this proved impossible for him as he is still something of a novice, or apprentice. However, his work sometimes does shows some flair and originality - although our feeling is that he tends most often to make too great a use of hummous.

Berthold, Chaleco and I have agreed to make this piece public so as to encourage Førsten as he branches out into using new media. The lemons are a very brave and bold step for him.


Photo by Førmål de Hüydt

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Breakfast at the Hotel Faecys

Here is my first Mundanische Kunstfruhstuck in the Hotel Faecys. I soon gave up with the chopsticks and I must confess I didn’t manage to eat it all despite being very fond of sushi.

One has to suffer to make great art. I was soon discharged from the hospital – after several wicked bones were removed from my esophagus.

My ribs and belly are still bruised from all the Heimlich maneuvers practised upon my person by the enthusiastic hotel staff, several Mundanischekunst administrators and the heroic ambulance crew.

(Also, I’m slightly worried that one of my kidneys maybe missing... I guess it probably had to be removed due to a fishbone getting stuck …but I’ll call the hospital just to make sure…) 



Photo by Førmål de Hüydt

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Mundanischekunst in Argentina

Mundanischekunst has been on the move again. I visited Buenos Aires to bring the message of our movement to our Argentine brothers and sisters. 

Over the next few postings here I’ll be recounting my adventures and showing some fine examples of The Mundane Arts, for which it seems the Argentines have a natural talent.

First, though, a picture of the hotel I stayed in. The bed was comfortable but breakfast was shit!

(I could have stayed in a much better one, of course, but I generally find that posh hotels are some of the least kunsty places.)


Photo by Førmål de Hüydt

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Portrait of the composer - Brahms


(This posting is by Berthold Anfanger)


Photo by Berthold Anfanger

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I am delighted to present another new work which I happened upon in my recent travels as UN Ambassador for the Promulgation of Mundanischekunst. It is a "Madonna and Child" by the Russian Мпєртолд Анөангерскы newly completed, which moved the Orthodox Patriarch so deeply that he has given permission for it to be installed in the Cathedral of St. Basil in Moscow immediately, alongside all the other great timeless ikons. Note the contemporary replacement of a descending dove with (?) a Boeing 727  

(This posting is by Berthold Anfanger)


Photo by Berthold Anfanger

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New List

It is often beneficial occasionally to review one's output. Looking back on the heady days of 2004, I came across a short series of "Pointless Lists", pithy but loaded with meaning. This little window on Mundanischekunst history has inspired me to create another, this time a collection of thirteen, a favourite number of mine:-

1) gnomic
2) wheedle
3) excavator
4) Alberich
5) spanner
6) M40
7) insulin
8) congeries
10) RiesenWurm
11) crisis
12) sod
13) chihuahua

Expect very soon a beautiful new portrait of Johannes Brahms inspired by a performance of his "Tragic Roundabout Overture", and lovingly photographed by the wonderful Nora Bolt.

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After a long period of reflection and soul-searching, I found myself in Poland, where I created this little scene.

It is now in the possession of Ms. Przsczylwnwycz Szczwybrlwynscka, who expects to sell it in New York and retire from her job as air stewardess for Lot Airlines.

Berthold Anfanger.


Photo by Førmål de Hüydt


(This Mundanischekunst posting is by Berthold Anfanger, no matter what it says underneath the photo...)

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This exhibit of mine is from Glasgow's recent Festival Of Light.

Mundy is no ordinary dog. He has undergone extensive training in a wide variety of performance art techniques such as: "Fetching a stick",  "Scampering in the dark wearing an illuminated collar" and "Simulating a vicious attack on a stranger while foaming at the mouth".

Our thanks go to "Mundy", the MundanischeHund for his enormous contribution to our cause. He will be sadly missed. Glasgow City Council are keeping him muzzled and sedated in their dog pound until our team of lawyers can persuade them that Mundy was just pretending/performing.

Please keep sending money to us for this extremely expensive but worthwhile cause - and also letters of complaint to the so-called Glasgow City Council Office Of Animal Welfare Services.


Photo by Førmål de Hüydt

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Portals and Gates

I am delighted to report that our purchase of Bill Gates has been accepted (for an undisclosed sum) and that his body will be shipped over to safe location in Middlesex until a purpose-built and permanent home can be found for him. Unfortunately his solicitors are still quibbling about whether the sale includes his brain; if that has to be left behind in the United States then we will have another transplanted in its place. Any volunteers?
The Festival is going well at Greenwich Park, although the artistic massacre of all the resident squirrels (another stroke of genius by our very own Chaleco Salvavidas) and the festive "cadaver mobiles" hanging from the trees (how slowly and mysteriously they swing! How their glazed eyes glisten in the winter sun!) has brought down the wrath of the Crown. Apparently in this Royal Park, any such light-hearted whimsy is frowned upon and we await a letter from Buckingham Palace's solicitors.

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Berthold Anfanger's "Three Portals"


Here are Berthold Anfanger''s mysterious "Three Portals", which are part of the Mundanischekunst Winter Festival 2007, held this year in Greenwich Park, London.

At first the only creatures to pass through the new portals were the rats or insects thrown by Mundanischekunst Research Technicians. Later on, as they became more confident, it was pigs, monkeys, robots... and then, after a hero had been sought and found: Simon Sherwood of Cove made history by being the first human being to pass through.

As is well known, Sir Simon Sherwood (Knighted in his absence) has not been seen since and neither have any of the few hundred persons who have followed him (apart from Berthold Anfanger,who was gone for only a couple of hours and later emerged, almost blind, from a nearby skip).

It is not known where any of the "Three Portals" lead to but Berthold Anfanger claims that it is either to a different time, a different dimension, a different world, or a mixture of all of those. Berthold Anfanger does feel sure, however, that his "Three Portals" will take anyone to, as he puts it, "a better place, where there's no disease, no tax, and plenty of free booze and sex".

Some of the people shown in this video are waiting in the hope that their loved ones might someday return. Others are lucky ticket-holders, waiting for right moment to jump through - or perhaps summoning up the courage to make their crossing. The rest are journalists, ticket touts and fans of Berthold Anfanger.

Tickets to pass through one of Berthold Anfanger's "Three Portals" are available from at £250 each.
(Discounts are available for school groups)






Here is Jane Smith of Reading, Berkshire, just seconds before she passed through one of the "Three Portals". Before she left, she said goodbye to her husband and four children, handed over her ticket and dabbed a tear from her eye.

She has not been seen since.


Video and photo by Førmål de Hüydt

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Ensemble Mundane - map of the 2007 World Tour (Part 1 - Europe)



Photo by Førmål de Hüydt

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Ensemble Mundane - World Tour

Thanks to some extraordinary recent fund-raising successes, Ensemble Mundane has been able to bring to fruition some musical projects which have been stuck in the planning stage for a very long time.

Thanks to the tireless work of Musical Director, Louis Van Brough, Ensemble Mundane has finally begun its World Tour of 47 concerts in 19 countries.


We include a video clip (below) from the first concert of the tour, at London's famous Heathrow Airport. It features the entire Mundanische Horn Section - all 32 of them - playing the World Premiere of "Foxy Foxy" by King Bhumibol of Thailand.

This work was commissioned by Mundanischekunst.





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Ensemble Mundane captured live - in scorpion ink.


Mundanischekunst's very own virtuoso trumpet player, Lawrence Rowdy, is seen here during a rehearsal with Ensemble Mundane.

The famous Japanese Hentai sketch artist, カメラをばかにする, sits behind him attempting to capture his performance using the highly dangerous media, scorpion ink and fermented soybean paper.




The completed work (shown below) is astonishing by any standards. It was completed in just minutes. Lawrence Rowdy's entire sound, style, energy ...everything. It's all there, in black and white with a dash of zen.

Mundanischekunst salutes  カメラをばかにする, as an artist of staggering genius.




Photos and reproduction (non-sexual) by Førmål de Hüydt

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Professor Shacklebee


Mundanischekunst is proud to present...




Professor Shacklebee!

Photo by Cup Selithaine 

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A trip to Hartmut Stuhlhandler's

[posted by Berthold Anfanger] 

I took a trip to visit my old colleague Hartmut Stuhlhandler who now lives a reclusive life in Northumberland.

His only contact with village life is to participate in the Weird Vegetable Sculpture Biennale. I never miss this one and this year's exhibition ranks among the finest ever.

Here is Hartmut's prize-winning "Untitleable". A staggering masterpiece if ever I saw one:


Photo by Berthold Anfanger

Fortunately I was able also to attend a concert in the lovely Gothic multi-storey car park which featured the premiere of a set of madrigals by Hartmut describing the erotic adventures of Noddy: and the song-cycle "In Praise of Winceyette". A profoundly moving evening, rounded off with several pints of the local "Father Eusebius' Ichor" in the Scab and Appoggiatura.




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Amateur Mundanischekunst


Here at the busy Mundanischekunst UK Office we often get sent work from members of the public who would like to think that they can be famous Mundane Artists like myself, Chaleco or Berthold. To be fair, sometimes such submissions can be surprisingly good, as is the case in the work showcased below.

Our analysts have studied it with great care and believe that it is most likely some kind of calzone pizza, although it is unusual for such a dish to be drenched in blackberry jam or stained with beetroot juice.

The significance of the hand is not clear, although it seems to be that of a woman. Could this work be a self-portrait of some kind?

Anyway, our sincere thanks go to Dulciana Reeves for sharing her modest but laudable efforts with us.

Good luck and happy Mundanischekunsting, Dulciana!


Photography by Dulciana Reeves

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Extraordinary sand formation


Found on a remote beach on the coast of southern Chile, apparently caused by the random actions of wind, waves and crabs.


Photo by Wintze Klånke

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Modern travel tips


Illustrating how to deal with an intestinal gas alert during a flight.


Ography of Lith by Førmål de Hüydt

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This week's featured Mundanischekunst staff member - Dr. Erb Reuhe


Where would Mundanischekunst be without our senior archivist, photographer, set designer, costumes manager AND food/booze taster to Berthold Anfanger

Dr. Erb may look a bit serious and scary but actually he's loads of fun and is kind to animals.

Don't try to take a photograph of him while he's awake - he'll break your arms.


Photo by Cup Selithaine

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Just in case you missed it....



Here, once again, is Berthold Anfanger's famous interpretation of Winterreise, recorded live at Newark Liberty Airport Art Showcase during the Mundanischekunst New York 2004 Festival.




        Click here and you'll be downloading it....





(Chaleco Salvavidas is writing a comprehensive analysis of this work. It will be added to this page as soon as it's ready.)




                                  ...camerawork by Førmål de Hüydt

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Mundanischekunst welcomes Japanese readers!


I've just spent a few weeks learning Japanese. It's much easier than I thought it would be.

As an exercise I thought I'd translate the whole Mundanischekunst webiste into Japanese.


Click here to read Mundanischekunst in Japanese!




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A good death for Mundanischemaus


Such a lucky mouse, to meet his instant, painless death at the height of ecstatic apprehension of cheese-eating pleasure.

Lucky, also, because he was our beloved pet and had enjoyed a pampered life of the kind of which most mice can only dream.

Lucky, also, to be imortalised by Mundnaischekunst in this iconic new work.


Photo by Cup Selithaine 

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Congratulations to Berthold!


Like many emancipated modern men, Berthold Anfanger elected to have a water birth. Here he can be seen giving birth to his daughter, Mundanisha, at the famous stone-age birthing-hollow near Lyme Regis in Dorset.

After an exhausting 38 hour labour, father and daughter are both said to be doing very well - although Berthold has admitted to having problems with feeding his new little one. No doubt this will settle down soon.

As soon as Berthold has his stitches removed, Chaleco and I will visit him and Mundanisha at the hospital.



Photo by Førmål de Hüydt

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